Quality Coatings, Inc. has earned a superior reputation based on integrity and trust with over 40 years in operation.

First Class Team

Quality Coatings, Inc. backs these products with the most professional and specialized customer service available.  Our research and development team have many years of experience and possess a strong knowledge base that allows for creation of custom products with infinite possibilities.

Contract Manufacturing

QCI can provide contract manufacturing services and warehouse storage for other global coatings manufacturers in non-QCI marketed industries.

Extensive Product Line

Quality Coatings, Inc. manufactures a complete line of products that we proudly market to a wide variety of global OEM customers, each of whom operate in a diverse range of industries.

The Leader in Resist Coatings

QCI is the market leader in resist coatings. The R Series is designed to be electrically non-conductive and to resist chrome plating over ABS and ABS/PC blended plastic parts while producing a very clean break-line.

Latest QCI News

Quality Coatings, Inc. is ready to meet your custom coating needs.

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