Quality Coatings, Inc. manufactures a complete line of products that we proudly market to a wide variety of global OEM customers, each of whom operate in a diverse range of industries.

High Performance Automotive Paint and Coatings

Automotive Exteriors

QCI is the market leader in resist coatings. We offer a complete line of products that are currently being used on a variety of metal and plastic parts.

High Performance Appliance Paint and Coatings

Automotive Interiors

QCI is equipped to serve the interior automotive industry. We have a complete line of solventborne and waterborne products that meet or exceed current industry standards for a variety of applications and substrates.

High Performance Aerospace Paint and Coatings


For over twenty years, we have proudly served the aerospace sector, and the interior market for airplanes.

High Appliance Automotive Paint and Coatings


Quality Coatings, Inc. has many years of experience with major appliance manufacturers around the globe. We are constantly adding to our already extensive portfolio detailing the approved products and sectors that we currently serve.

High Performance Industrial Paint and Coatings

General Industry

QCI has developed a complete line of solventborne and waterborne products that are able to be used in general industry.

High Performance Paint and Coatings for Consumer Products

Consumer Products

We have developed a superior reputation for developing custom coatings. This includes products like luggage, medical devices, shoes, and numerous other items produced across the globe.

Quality Coatings, Inc. is ready to meet your custom coating needs.

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